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Vreni und Peter Schärer

Schlyfferenmattweg 2

CH-3282 Bargen


P +41 32 392 47 79

M +41 79 567 18 30





1 km away from Aarberg
in the ‘Berner Seeland’


800 m away from the
national cycling route #8
from ‘Cycling-in-Switzerland’





Memer of



from the guestbook

„We hope to return to Switzer-
land soon and would like to stay here again“

The farmer village is situated in a rurally environnemen of the Bernese
Seeland on a altitude of 449 m. There are living about 1’000 people.

Actually there are about 30 farmers, who cultivate vegetables and sugar-beet for the nearly situated sugar-factory.

In the village you can find a butchery and a vegetable-farmer, who sells
his products.

In Bargen there is a railway-station of the line Büren- Lyss- Payerne-

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